Saturday, May 30, 2009

No Charts for You!

The kids are napping and I've got only a few seconds to post before going out to enjoy the sun so no charts today.

CMHC released complete April housing data for Vancouver and Abbotsford last week.

Here are the highlights:

Year to Date Starts 2008 - 6691
Year to Date Starts 2009 - 2302

Year to Date Completions 2008 - 5540
Year to Date Completions 2009 - 5377

Under Construction April 2008 - 26253
Under Construction April 2009 - 22494

Completed but Unabsorbed 2008 - 1445
Completed but Unabsorbed 2009 - 2368

Surrey has a crapload of unabsorbed new housing (754 units) and many more units on the way (5344 units under construction).  


jesse said...

Annualise those housing starts. Then figure out what that does for jobs dependent on "under construction" units. Not looking good.

M- said...

Wow, that's an amazing drop in YTD starts.