Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

Blogging on Vancouver Real Estate just gets lonelier and lonelier. RESteven, who provided us with accurate daily inventory numbers for the past couple months has packed it in and moved away from Vancouver to Los Angeles. But the weather is so good here in so called 'Lotus Land', why would you go to California!

Seriously, good for him, maybe I'll do the same.


oh please said...

I'm sorry to see RESteven go as well. But when I first saw the title, I thought you meant HSBC shutting down its Canadian subprime lending division.

The Canadian Mortgage Trends blog is worth keeping an eye on. Lots of interesting tidbits posted there in the past couple of months.

AndrewJ said...

Ironically he went to the most expensive place in North America from the second most expensive place.

Numbers are hard to come by with Rob Chipman slacking off and RESteven gone. Although I think daily numbers are not necessary they are addictive. I need a weeks worth before I even begin to speculate at a trend and even that timeline is too short.

Surf the chaos said...

It's always darkest just before the dawn... and hey, you might pick up some readership. I started reading your site (which is excellent, by the way) after the Van Housing Blogger abruptly moved on.