Thursday, March 29, 2007

Money - is it what you think?


mohican said...

This video is a bit long but is a really good explanation of how our money and credit system works.

vineland said...

Wow! Yikes, I actually like the idea of a complete revelotion. I wonder if Harper understands this (he's and economist) and would break from bank control for Canada? Could Canada do this alone? or would the whole world have to give up debt at the same time, and spend that money on something productive?

observerX said...

Excellent video!

solipsist said...

mohican - you have done a good service by hosting this video.

I have been ranting about this for years, and usually, am met with bored indifference.

The Kennedy assassination is often accredited to the Mafia, The Cubans, aliens, lone gunmen with bullets that defy the laws of physics, etc., but I have always been pretty sure that it was his intent to replace the bankers' magic money with government backed "greenbacks".

Trying to spread the word is akin to the little Dutch boy holding back the North Sea by sticking his finger in the hole in the dike, or Don Quixote tilting at windmills.

Society is lost, and I have been thinking for a while (from beneath my tin foil hat) that this latest insanity might well be the coup de grace. The boomers are holding a lot of wealth, and the lizards want it back.

Another thing that few are cognisant of, is that our Social Insurance Numbers are nothing more than chits, and we are collateral to the national debt! We agree to it unwittingly by asking that one be assigned to us.

Oh, but I could go on and on.

What Marshall McLuhan said about public incredulity is spot-on. Benjamin Franklin said something almost identical.