Saturday, November 09, 2013

BC Employment October 2013

Below are some graphs highlighting Vancouver's and BC's employment situation. Here are the historical employment, participation, and unemployment rates (CANSIM tables 282-0117 and 282-0087) (click on chart for larger image)

American economics blogger Calculated Risk looks at employment from the point of view of participation rate for the 25-54 age cohorts and the so-called "employment to population ratio", the ratio of those employed to the population. Below is BC's participation rate and employment-population ratio for the 25-54 cohort:

Somewhat of a surprise was graphing Canada's participation rate and employment-population ratio compared to the US. Here I quickly overlaid Calculated Risk's US graph with the Canadian one, again for the 25-54 age cohort:

Since 2002 there has been a marked divergence in the countries' participation rates and a reversal of the countries' employment-population ratio differential.

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