Sunday, May 13, 2012

jesse on Twitter

I comment on the local Vancouver housing blogosphere as "jesse", and thanks to mohican I post on this blog, and now on Twitter I use the account @YVRHousing. I usually cross-post items I pick up on blogs and newsfeeds on Twitter and reiterate my thoughts on the general state of the housing market, mostly on Vancouver but also, occasionally, on the North American, Asian, European and Australian housing markets, as these markets provide wonderful lessons and parallels to the local Vancouver market worthy of study and consideration.

Disclosure: I have no direct ties to any financial institution (indeed all data used for my analysis is in the public domain), am not remunerated for any of my online forays into housing analysis (as it were), and I am generally bearish on Vancouver housing. My views are my own; please value them for no more than you're paying for them (at least not without some critical thought)!

Please also check out who I follow on Twitter, more than a few great tweeters there who also follow Vancouver housing a bit closer than the average bear!

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