Thursday, May 24, 2012

Canadian Mortgage Market Primer and Some History

TD published a mortgage market primer (PDF) back in 2010 written by Eric Lasalle. Lasalle outlines some succinct information about financing methods and regulations surrounding Canadian mortgages, including differences to the American model, outlines some numbers in terms of the mortgage market size and composition, and comments on his take on the stability of CMHC and banks given this backdrop, all dated 2010.

Also an interesting read is the history of mortgage financing since World War 2 in chapter 6, written by James Poapst, from the CMHC-published book House, Home, and Community: Progress in Housing Canadians, 1945-1986.

This all is nerdy, but readable, stuff, for those who take it upon themselves to pronounce over what ails the current Canadian housing and mortgage markets. You know what they say about history...

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