Friday, September 18, 2009

Great Interview

I think this is a must read interview.


Unknown said...

thanks Mohican,

If Chad is still around, I would want his perspective on this article because this is exactly what historical price trends charts don't show and not the most reliable for predictive forecasting.

Alan said...

"... oligarchic government controlled media ..."

Um, the oligarchy that controls the media is not government. The media is part of the large corporate capitalist oligarchy.

The MSM are multi-national corporations. In that sense they are not even controlled, they are part of the system, they are the system.

JimTan said...

Why must it be read? Sounds like the same-old same-old.

Rob said...

Surprisingly candid assessment of the US in that Swiss bank report. I think iTulip is correct to point out the possibility of a major sentimental backlash against US debt, despite the highly liked (overseas) Obama.