Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Suspicious Condo Fire

From CKNW:

A 4 storey apartment complex under construction has been levelled by fire in Abbotsford. The blaze was reported around 11:30 pm and fire crews arrived to see flames shooting into the night air.Deputy Fire Chief Mike Helmer says the fire burned quickly, "It started quickly and ended quickly because it was under construction. It burned very fast, flames over a hundred feet in the air. Surrounding buildings were slightly damaged but they didn't start on fire."Helmer says there were no injuries.McCallum Road is closed between Cannon Avenue and Holland, while Marshall Road is closed between Horizon and Cherry.

Perhaps "The Crossing Condos" weren't going to measure up to the hype. Spring 2009 occupancy doesn't look like it is going to happen now. I wonder if many of the units were actually sold or if the fire was a convenient escape for the developer or presale buyers.


fish10 said...

If I was the insurance company - I would be investigating all 'construction fire' very carefully for the next few years.

I remember from days gone by, that they seem to proliferate as the market turns down.

Gabriel said...

This is kind of a off topic commentary, but if sales kept pace with no declines year over year. what would the inventory numbers be?

Mango said...

As a kid in the early 80s in Victoria, I remember a lot of arson, usually "business arson" in the sense that it was done for business reasons, not by a random lunatic. Presumably the same kind of environment (property tanking) as now.