Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Photos of the Real Estate Bubble-hood


Etienne de Cochon said...

I'm laughing at the "Tate" sign stuck in that forest of sale signs. It looks like a copy of the "Tate" logo in Britain - .

Andrew said...

where are these homes?

Mark said...

These homes are in...
(drum roll)...


Welcome to ground zero. Here's the google maps link


the pope said...

Nice shots Mohican!

etienne - thats funny I saw the 'best buy' sign and wondered why they used the name of that shop. Are they saying these houses will depreciate like home electronics?

van-realestate-crash said...

Nice Pics, just drove by 100th Ave and King George and what a site!

Some of the flippers who bought pre- construction must be biting their nails.

The incomplete building on the south east corner had so many signs I could not count them all before the traffic light changed.

I noticed quite a few had professional looking signs supplied by those self marketing companies.

I imagine the flippers are hoping to under cut the price of the units that are listed with RE agents who have to make a commission.

No way this can end well.

mohican said...

I could have taken more pictures and stayed out all night clicking shot after shot of homes for sale.

This will end very well for me and a lot of other prudent people who avoided over-extending ourselves. My wife and I are excited about the prospect of affording to purchase a decent home in the next cuople years. Until then we will rent and watch.

Whalley is going to be the flipper bloodbath of the century. Stay tuned!

freako said...

Whalley is going to be the flipper bloodbath of the century. Stay tuned!