Thursday, January 31, 2008

December 2007 CMHC Data

CMHC released their monthly Housing Now publication today and here is the down low for the Vancouver Census Metropolitan Area.

Starts were 1181.
Units Under Construction were 25104.
Completions were 1334.
Completed and Unabsorbed Units were 1294.

In past years completions really spike upwards in the first few months of the year so we should look for a big increase in completions over the next 2-3 months with the corresponding decreasei in units under construction. These new units completing will add tremendously to the already climbing inventory of homes available for resale.


Drachen said...

I don't see an upwards spike in completions except in '06 the rest of the years if there is a spike it's indistinguishable from the noise.

Dignan said...


is the completed but unabsorbed number the total for the month, or units that have completed recently but have yet to be absorbed


the pope said...

Thanks for the graph mohican - thats quite a number of units in the pipeline!

mohican said...

Completed but unabsorbed is the total number of recently completed but not yet sold/rented.

Warren said...

The unabsorbed stat seems a little ambiguous, but good relative to itself I suppose.

Thanks for the stats.. bring on some completions!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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