Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mortgage Renewal Gap June 2012

Below are some updated charts highlighting the so-called "renewal gap", the difference in mortgage rates a borrower will see upon renewal at certain terms. For example a borrower refinancing today who was in a 5 year term will see about a 2% reduction in interest rates. First the mortgage rates, second the "gap":
The renewal gap is projected assuming rates remain flat at current levels for the next 18 months. As can be seen, the majority of renewals with a negative gap from the past few years have taken place, with the exception of the 5 year which, barring any increase in rates, would see a negative renewal gap for the remainder of 2013. The tightening of the 3 year renewal gap can go some way to explain slower real estate activity in 2012. This graph should also be a reminder that lower rates for a prolonged period acts as a multi-year stimulus as households continue to reduce their carrying costs, all else equal.

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