Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Dirty Underbelly

I wanted to point people's attention to the blog Landlord Rescue, a fun blog to read on the trials and tribulations of a professional landlord in Ontario.

With BC property sales relatively weak (the pace for June sales is lower than May's; in strong markets it's almost always the opposite) but borrowing rates still relatively low compared to the 15 year average, we are likely to see many investors make a longer term commitment to become part-time landlords. Many if not most will find cash flows to be stable with little hassle. While they may not be making an exceptional return if they bought at recent prices, they won't necessarily have negative monthly carrying costs. It is certain, however, a select few will be stuck with significant problems. On average, revenue from real estate is less than headline rent and expenses more than regular maintenance and taxes, which is why professional landlords typically require some premium to account for this aggregated risk.

If you are thinking of renting out a property, it's worth considering what can and does happen every day to landlords. Perhaps reading Landlord Rescue concentrates too much on the fringe cases but, at least, I hope it gives some idea of what some landlords -- and not just the professionals -- will face in the coming years.


NorrisBradwell04張 said...
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rachelle said...

Thanks for the link, much appreciated.