Friday, February 15, 2008

200,000 Visitors

Good day,

Just thought I'd shout out a quick thanks to everyone of my readers - you - for making the work of blogging quite enjoyable. We reached 200,000 visitors on Saturday last week after 13 months of activity here.

To summarize some observations about the traffic on the blog:
  • We get a lot of traffic mid-day during most people's lunch break I assume.
  • Most visitors (50%+) use the most common local ISPs - Shawcable and TELUS to visit the blog.
  • We also get lots of traffic from financial institutions (RBC, Vancity, TD, etc)
  • We also get lots of traffic from Government and school domains and (,,,
  • Other corporate domains are common as well
  • 650 visits per day
  • Average visit length of 3 minutes
  • It seems that the majority of visitors come direct to the blog without a referral
  • Referrals from other local blogs is the next most common way people get here
  • Google search results cause an increasing number of visits - especially in the last month or so


M- said...

What sort of search terms are most common for people coming here from search engines? Could indicate a change in public sentiment.

mohican said...

The most common search term is "langley financial blog" or some variant.

In the past 30 - 60 days I've noticed a big uptick in traffic especially from google search. Common search terms are (paraphrased):
'home buying in (insert name of lower mainland city here)'
'real estate crash/correction in vancouver'
'homes are expensive in vancouver'
'how much of a correction in real estate'

I'm not all that familiar with Google's algorithms but it would seem that the blog has recently popped onto their radar for a wider variety of search terms.

It could also be an indication of public interest in the topics we talk about here.

I don't keep the blog going for revenue reasons and traffic numbers aren't all that interesting to me except as a guage of public interest / sentiment. We have a core group of readers who are quite interested in the topics discussed here and if more people are interested then they are free to visit and comment.

Dave said...

Congrats....keep up the good work.
I am following the walnut grove area. Nice to see the fraser valley stats.

solipsist said...

Congratulations on the 200k mohican. Heading for a quarter of a million.

It reminds me of when McDonalds first started (oh, I guess I'm dating myself), and they had "Over 50 Million Served", or some such number. Then it was a hundred million, then a billion. Look at them now, BILLIONS!

I just calculated that 200k readers, at an average of 3 minutes per read, sums up to 10,000 hours. Wow!

Fencesitter said...

At that rate of increase in traffic, it must a bubble! You could create a blog traffic graph in the "you are here" fashion...

At least this blog has good fundamentals to support those numbers, unlike the rest of the Fraser Valley.

Thanks for all the stats and analysis, it's appreciated.

Mark said...

Congratulations, mohican! I visit your site daily (whenever I see an RSS update via Google Reader). I always look forward to reading your very informative articles!

Mark Fenger said...

I'm with Fencesitter, I'd love to see a graph of user activity. I think activity on this sort of blog would be one of the best indicators of turning sentiment.

freako said...

The most common search term is "langley financial blog" or some variant.

I think that comes from the fact that your url is a bit long to memorize and/or type. I rarely type it directly. Congratulations on your success. Once the market caves in, you will have been on record as calling it as it is. That ought to earn your humble and honest advice even more respect.

wombatos said...


And thanks for providing a forum for reason and debate, in a world geared towards promoting irrational spending and overconsuming. Its always nice to have a reminder that the responsible path, though not easy, is still the best choice for the long run.

(rss feed myself)

Panda said...

This site simply rocks; the analysis is great. I think you should be given space in the mainstream press (sun/province) to help provide some perspective to the average Joe on Vancouver RE. Thanks!

Livingsword said...

Hi Mohican;

I was recently having a discussion on my blog about blogging culture. I said I considered a blog a “super blog” if they received 100,000 + visits over a year. Most are quite shocked to see that a blog could receive so many visits. I may have to create a new category for blogs like this one!

Congratulations for your ongoing success. You do an excellent job of walking the careful balance this kind of endeavor takes.

What is also impressive is the very healthy community of bloggers that comment on your site, you do a wonderful job of engaging with others in the comment section.

Well done….